Self-elevating mechanism StroyUP

Price - 7500

Self-elevating metal structures "StroyUP" are used for construction and finishing works at a height of up to 6 meters. They can be used both by construction organizations, private individuals, and private teams providing various types of services, the implementation of which is associated with being at a height when the use of stairs and stationary scaffolding is inconvenient or impossible.
Installation of the “StroyUP” kit takes 15-20 minutes, even in a limited space, lifting to the desired height takes 2-5 minutes, it is also possible to place tools and stock materials on the platform. Fast carrying and a possibility of transportation by car.
Works in which "StroyUp" self-elevating metal structures are required:

  • Warming, grinding and painting of the outer walls of wooden houses;
  • Installation-repair of the drainage system; Installation-repair of the drainage system;
  • Roofing;
  • Installation of siding and panels;
  • Finishing house facades with any materials.

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