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Tower toursTowers tours VSP 250 - ECONOMY class from 4130 rub.

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Towers tours VSP 250 Standard

Designed to organize jobs during construction and installation works at a height of more than 1.3 m to 9 m from the ground level or overlapping.

It differs from the usual tower of the VSP 250 rounds in the absence of a base with wheels, which greatly facilitates the installation and storage of this product. VSP 250 ECONOMY is designed to be reused.

Inexpensive ECONOMY class model with increased surface load, mainly for interior work in cramped conditions and in places where it becomes necessary to use small-sized structures at a height of up to 9 meters.

The tower of the VSP 250 ECONOMY tour is made from an electric-welded pipe with a diameter of 42 mm. All parts are powder coated. colors, the result is a coating with high protective and decorative properties.

In the production of tower tours VSP 250 ECONOMY used robotic machines and automatic painting lines, as much as possible excluding human participation, which greatly improves the quality.

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Absolut-Stroy LLC implements 5 types of towers ECONOMY tour, which differ in the maximum height and size of the work platform.

  • VSP 250 tower/0,7 ECONOMY (1,6х0,7); up to 5.1 meters
  • VSP 250 tower/1,0 ECONOMY (2,0х1,0); up to 6,3 meters
  • VSP 250 tower/1,2 ECONOMY (2х1,2); up to 7,5 meters
  • VSP 250 tower/1,6 ECONOMY (1,6х1,6); up to 7,5 meters
  • VSP 250 tower/2,0 ECONOMY (2х2); up to 7,5 meters

Последовательность сборки вышек

Maximum height, m 5,1 6,3 7,5 7,5 7,5
The size of the working platform, m 1,6х0,7 2,0х1,0 2х1,2 1,6х1,2 2х2
Tier step, m 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2
Standard surface load, kgf/m2 250 250 250 250 250
The minimum price in rubles. 4130 4930 5640 7110 8530

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