LLC "Absolute Story" implements 7 types of tower tows that differ in the maximum height and size of the working platform.

  • VSP tower 250/0,7 (1,6х0,7); up to 7.5 meters (analogue of PSRV-7.5)
  • VSP tower 250/1,0 (2,0х1,0); up to 8.8 meters
  • VSP tower 250/1,2 (2х1,2); up to 21 meters (analogue of PSRV-21)
  • VSP tower 250/1,6 (1,6х1,6); up to 21 meters
  • VSP tower 250/2,0 (2х2); up to 22 meters (analogue of PSRV-22)

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  Price VSP 250/0,7
Price (PSRV-7.5)
Price VSP 250/1,0 Price PSRV 250/1,2
Price (PSRV-21)
Price PSRV 250/1,6 Price PSRV 250/2,0
Price (PSRV-22)
Max. height, m 7,5 8,8 21 21 22
Work area, m 1,6х0,7 2,0х1,0 2х1,2 1,6х1,6 2х2
Tier step, m 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2
Load, kgf/m2 250 250 250 250 250

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    scaffolding Scaffolding is used universally for facing work outside the building and interior decoration. Scaffolding is a set of elements that are assembled in a rigid structure, this structure consists of: & nbsp; frame with a ladder, frame without a ladder, diagonal connection 3m, horizontal connection 3m, & nbsp; building flooring, crossbars 3m, anchor brackets, supports. The size of one cell is 3x2 meters. The frames of the scaffolds have a height of 2m and are stacked vertically to the desired height. The stability of the structure betrays the connection of the frames with diagonal and horizontal connections. If it is necessary to fasten to the wall, then anchor brackets are used. One end of the bracket is fixed to the scaffold frame, the other is driven into the wall with an anchor.

Scaffolding Chelyabinsk

     Chelyabinsk is one of the cities of the million-plus population of Russia, with an ever-growing population, therefore, in our city the construction of residential buildings is in full swing and you can’t do without scaffolding on any construction site. Also, our city with a rich history, in the center of the city there are many buildings of historical value. & Nbsp; To preserve buildings of historical significance, to repair them, you also need scaffolding. Our company implements Frame scaffolding, Clamp scaffolding, Whip scaffolding, Wedge scaffolding in Chelyabinsk, designed for finishing and repair work on the facades of buildings up to 80 m high, as well as for masonry walls of buildings up to 20 m high. Our managers will always help you with the choice. They will help to pick up scaffolding, depending on the specifics of the work performed at your construction site. Choose scaffolding and buy,clamp forests, scaffolding or pin scaffolding buy in Chelyabinsk.

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