Change houses of layout B-1


Change house on the basis of the block container in Chelyabinsk, layout B1
Insulation 50 мм.
Finish 3,0 х 2,4 х 2,5 4,0 х 2,4 х 2,5 5,0 х 2,4 х 2,5 6,0 х 2,4 х 2,5
Plywood 55000 68200 88000 104500
MDF panels 59500 73150 93700 111000
Lining 63800 79000 101000 121000
Insulation 100 мм.
Plywood 63000 77000 99000 116000
MDF panels 67000 81000 105000 123000
Lining 72000 88000 112000 122000

Is included in the basic package of a change house:


Metal corner 45x4 (for change houses 3-4 meters), Metal corner 63 * 5 (Base of change houses 5 m.) + 50х5 (Frame of change houses 5 m), Metal corner 63 * 5 (for change houses 6 meters)

Interior decoration:

Plywood / Lining / MDF Panels
Exterior finish: Galvanized corrugated board С-8, 0,4 мм. (not dyed)
Roof: Sling on one side 2.4m. with another 2.3m. Professional flooring galvanized MP-20, 0.45mm.
Floor: Board 25-30 mm. Lags 50х100
Entrance door: Metal (Production: China)
Window: Double plastic bag, 800x800mm, tilt and turn.
Wind and vapor barrier: "Isospan B" or equivalent.
Electrical equipment: Installation in a cable channel, copper 2X2.5, automatic (16A), socket, lamp, switch. The conclusion of the wire through the wall.
Warming: The ceiling, the walls. Minplita "Technonikol" 50-100mm.

Additional services not included in the base price:

  3,0х2,4х2,5 4,0х2,4х2,5 5,0х2,4х2,5 6,0х2,4х2,5
Additional window PVC 800x800 3300
Increase the size of the base PVC window to 1200х1000 2500
Increase the size of the base PVC window to 1500х1000 2750
Door (Russia) 0.9mm. 4500
Metal window shutters 3500
Decking painted (without roof) 4000 4500 5500 6000
Linoleum + plinths per sq. M + floor insulation 5600 7400 9200 11100

Delivery by the manipulator in the city 2500 rub. Outside the city 35 rubles. round trip.

Change houses

Key Features:


Length: the length of the change house depends solely on the wishes of the customer and 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 12.0 m.
Height: 2.5 m., 3.0 m. (Not overall)
Width: the standard width of the change house is 2.4 m , this parameter is determined by the width of the trailer of the tractor on which it will be transported, it is also possible to produce change houses with a width of 3.0 m.
- Please note that when transporting a block container 3m wide. permission to transport oversized cargo is required.

2. Basic:

The main element that supports the entire construction of the block container (change house) in the integrity of - is a rectangular frame.

The basis of the rectangular frame laid the upper and lower harness made of a corner. The main procedure for a bunch of metal compounds is electric arc welding. After welding, the elements are coated with enamel. Eyelets are used to load / unload the block container onto the vehicle.

3. ROOF:

The roof is made of profiled sheet. For heat saving, the roof of the change house is insulated with mineral wool with a layer of 50-100mm.


  • external side of the wall - consists of galvanized profiled sheet or sheet with a polymer coating;
    you can choose a color scheme: dark blue, dark green or white for an additional fee, you can use the RAL color set;
  • interior decoration - fiberboard, wall paneling, MDF.
  • heater of a change house - min. cotton wool with a layer of 50 mm. At the request of the customer, it is possible to insulate the cabins min. cotton layer 100 mm;
  • polyvinyl chloride film or glassine is used as a vapor barrier.

5. FLOOR :

Bottom - galvanized sheet. Edged boards are used as the bottom floor layer. As thermal insulation, TechnoNIKOL mineral wool is used, which belongs to the class of NG, with a layer of 50 mm, vapor barrier - from PVC film or glassine.

Linoleum is used as a finishing floor.


Partitions are frame, not insulated. To improve aesthetic qualities, they are finished with the same material as the walls and ceiling of the change house.


The outer door is steel, painted. At the request of the customer, you can install a metal door China. The lock is mortise. It is possible to install a metal door for extra. fee.

Internal doors - wooden, frame.


Windows - plastic, tilt and turn.


Each block container (cabins) is designed and constructed based on customer preferences. It is possible to complete with furniture, sleeping places, dignity. nodes. Our company is trying to satisfy any whim of the customer. Delivery of a change house to a place of work is possible.

Pricing Photos

Some construction organizations consider it inexpedient to buy change houses for a short time. Especially for such cases, we offer four-meter block containers (cabins) for rent at affordable prices.
The range of application of change houses is wide, to provide high-quality and durable products to Chelyabinsk, and to the Chelyabinsk region. The problem of temporary residence of workers is really relevant to this day. Own manipulator guarantees timely delivery of block container (cabins) directly to the customer’s construction site.

Rent of construction change houses.

What needs to be done to receive it? Leave a request on the site or call the manager. The rest of the chores will be taken over by Absolut-Stroy employees, having completed all work on calculating the cost and delivery. At the end of the contract will be dismantled.

Rental of change houses is a quick and profitable way to provide a construction team with convenient, durable and aesthetic housing.

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