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Absolut-Stroy LLC implements 7 types of tower tows that differ in the maximum height and size of the work platform.

  • VSP tower 250 / 0.7 (1.6x0.7); up to 7.5 meters (analogue of PSRV-7.5)
  • VSP tower 250 / 1.0 (2.0x1.0); up to 8.8 meters
  • VSP tower 250 / 1.2 (2x1.2); up to 21 meters (analogue of PSRV-21)
  • VSP 250 / 1.6 tower (1.6x1.6); up to 21 meters
  • VSP 250 / 2.0 tower (2x2); up to 22 meters (analogue of PSRV-22)

Buy a tower tour in Chelyabinsk

  Price VSP 250/0,7
Price (PSRV-7.5)
Price VSP 250/1,0 Price VSP 250/1,2
Price (PSRV-21)
Price VSP 250/1,6 Price VSP 250/2,0
Price (PSRV-22)
Max. height, m 7,5 8,8 21 21 22
Work area, m 1,6х0,7 2,0х1,0 2х1,2 1,6х1,6 2х2
Tier step, m 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2
Load, kgf/m2 250 250 250 250 250

To order tower tours (tower tour) you need to know:

Buy tower round in Chelyabinsk from 9 200 rubles.

Steel towers tours VSP and PSRV in Chelyabinsk

The tower round (tower round) is a prefabricated structure consisting of steel vertical stair sections, having 2 or 3 horizontal steps. Frames are mounted parallel to each other in the holes of the dumbbells forming an intermediate section. The rigidity of the construction of the intermediate section is provided by eight couplers, which are fastened without bolted flag fasteners.

Each dumbbell base has 2 screw supports and 2 wheels. The old model tower was equipped with two types of wheels: two wheels with a brake and two wheels were not supplied with brakes. Using the wheels, the tower can be rolled to the right place. To fix the tower at the right place, screw supports are used. All towers are equipped with floorings, which are divided into two types - flooring with a hatch and without a hatch. The platform on which the worker will be located is equipped with decking, crossbars and dumbbells. To ensure stability at a height of four intermediate sections and above, there are stabilizers that are attached to the frame of the tower section

Aluminum towers

In organizations engaged in the field of repair work, towers made of easy-alloy materials - aluminum towers - are very popular. And this is understandable, they are light in weight. Aluminum towers are easy to move around the facility without much labor, such a tower can easily be moved by one person. Aluminum towers are easy to assemble and disassemble. The aluminum tower sections are easily and securely fixed to the main frame. Aluminum towers are widely used in the repair and decoration work, both inside apartments and cottages, and outside

Tower assembly sequence

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