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The joint of the deck and the main frame of each shield is structurally protected by sealants, preventing the penetration of moisture on the end of the plywood, which increases the life of the plywood. The deck of the shield is securely fixed to the main frame with rivets. When damage to the deck, it is possible to remove the damaged element and replace it with a new one.

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In the design of the shield, holes are provided for the clamping screws, they are necessary for fixing two shields facing each other. These holes are in the vertical side profile. When calculating the formwork, it is worth considering that different wall formwork manufacturers of these holes are at different distances. If you want to adapt to a different type of formwork than the formwork LLC "Absolute-Stroy" we can place these holes as you wish, if you provide the main parameters: diameter and indentation. For standard shields of 1.2x3 meters, three coupling screws per joint are enough.

One of the design features of the shield formwork is the ability to arrange the shields both in vertical and horizontal position. At the same time, at the joints of shields, as in a standard vertical arrangement, both shields reliably fasten wedge locks.

Linear shield - mainly used to erect the formwork of monolithic straight walls. The main element of the shield is an aluminum frame and a deck (laminated plywood 18mm). Multiple Shields & nbsp; connected to cards (panels). The design feature of the shields allows you to assemble them vertically and & nbsp; horizontal position using wedge locks. An additional feature of linear shields is the ability to assemble columns from them, but only with a section equal to the width of the shield.

Angular shield - mainly used for the construction of formwork of right angles. The main element of the shield is an aluminum frame and deck (18mm laminated plywood). There are two types of corner panels: an angular inner shield and an angular outer shield, which are used for formwork of the inner and outer sides of the corner respectively. Corner shields join line shields with wedge locks.

Universal shield - mainly used for the construction of columns of various sections. Unlike a linear shield, from one set of universal shields you can assemble a column with a cross section of 0.2 to 0.8 m. It can also be used as a linear shield.

formwork kitsLINEAR SHIELD.

Wall formwork is a construction used in the construction of industrial and residential facilities.

Features of wall formwork

The wall formwork frame is made of steel profile. All parts of the frame are attached to each other by welding. The formwork is attached to the frame (laminated plywood) with rivets, the gaps are filled with sealant, which increases the service life. The ends of the formwork and finished panels cover a layer of special paint that protects the entire structure from water. - 100.00%


The shield is installed on straight surfaces and in places where an angle of 90 degrees is formed.

Name. Weight кг. Price
Linear shield 1,2х3,0m 161 13112
Linear shield 1,12х3,0m 153 12561
Linear shield 1,1х3,0m 150 12420
Linear shield 1,0х3,0m 141 11729
Linear shield 0,95х3,0m 132 11384
Linear shield 0,9х3,0m 129 11038
Linear shield 0,85х3,0m 122 10552
Linear shield 0,8х3,0m 118 10336
Linear shield 0,78х3,0m 116 10142
Linear shield 0,76х3,0m 115 9958
Linear shield 0,75х3,0m 113 9850
Linear shield 0,72х3,0m 110 9645
Linear shield 0,7х3,0m 108 9515
Linear shield 0,65х3,0m 103 9159
Linear shield 0,6х3,0m 98 8813
Linear shield 0,55х3,0m 94 8295
Linear shield 0,52х3,0m 91 8090
Linear shield 0,5х3,0m 89 7949
Linear shield 0,47х3,0m 86 7755
Linear shield 0,45х3,0m 84 7604
Linear shield 0,4х3,0m 78 7269
Linear shield 0,35х3,0m 73 6912
Linear shield 0,3х3,0m 69 6567
Linear shield 0,25х3,0m 60 6232
Linear shield 0,2х3,0m 59 5876
Linear shield 1,2х3,3m 175 14148
Linear shield 1,1х3,3m 161 13500
Linear shield 1,0х3,3m 151 12885
Linear shield 0.9х3,3m 141 11880
Linear shield 0.8х3,3m 128 11578
Linear shield 0.78х3,3m 125 10822
Linear shield 0.75х3,3m 123 10595
Linear shield 0.74х3,3m 120 10530
Linear shield 0.7х3,3m 118 10217
Linear shield 0.65х3,3m 113 9850
Linear shield 0.6х3,3m 106 9472
Linear shield 0.55х3,3m 102 8975
Linear shield 0.5х3,3m 97 8532
Linear shield 0.45х3,3m 89 8154
Linear shield 0.4х3,3m 85 7917
Linear shield 0.35х3,3m 81 7442
Linear shield 0.3х3,3m 75 7031
Linear shield 0.25х3,3m 70 6653
Linear shield 0.2х3,3m 65 6286

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