Corner element

Price from - 3575

Corner element

The corner element is designed to form an external angle of 90 degrees. A corner element has a price well below the price of a corner shield and It has a fairly simple design. In fastening an angular element to linear shields, as a rule, three locks are used on each side designs, if the total height of the formwork is not more than three meters. At a height of more than three meters, more locks are used, locks for fastening can be both wedge and rack. - 100.00%

The price is for a product 3.0 m long from a 120 mm profile.

The angular formwork element is used for fastening linear panels between themselves. As a result of such a connection, a right outer corner is formed. With lower cost and relatively simple By design, this product & nbsp; can replace a corner shield .

When fastening formwork elements, two types of locks are used: rack or wedge. This will require at least three locks per each side, provided that the height of the structure does not exceed three meters.

Name. Weight кг. Price
Corner element L="3,3m 55 -----
Corner element L="3,0m 50 3575
Corner element L="2,7m 45 -----
Corner element L=2",5m 40 -----
Corner element L="2,0m -----
Corner element L="1,8m -----
Corner element L="1,5m -----
Corner element L="1,2m -----
Corner element L="1,0m -----
Corner element L="0,9m -----
Corner element L="0,8m -----
Corner element L="0,7m -----
Corner element L="0,6m -----
Corner element L="0,5m -----

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