Stripping angle

Price from - 18150

   The products are intended to organize a right angle in a limited space: mine, boxing and more. The use of such a component reduces the time required to install / disassemble the formwork.


To transfer the shield from the worker to the installation position and vice versa, a removable mechanism is used. It is installed at the top of the product. In the first case, you need to turn the nut clockwise, in the second & ndash; against.

The corner element of the formwork is supplemented with holes for mounting the coupler screws. They are located on the product beams at equal height with a linear shield.

The process of creating an elevator shaft requires a responsible approach with knowledge of the design features. However, the technology of its production does not differ from the construction of a reinforced concrete wall of a monolithic form. The main difficulty in creating the mine is that the work is carried out in cramped conditions.

More often during casting, two types of formwork circuits are used: external and internal. After the concrete has hardened, the panels are removed and moved higher. If it is supposed to build a small mine, then the inner circuit almost always remains unassembled. Therefore, in order to carry out dismantling, the use of a stripping angle is recommended.

Stripping angleStripping angle

Name of indicator Stripping angle
Steel grade steel Ст3сп
Profile Width

120-140 mm,

as well as other configurations for any formwork system

Profile thickness 3,0 мм
Design benefits 6 mm solid steel box
removable screw pair from a pipe 73x9 mm
cast steel nut Ст45
reinforced pipe bar 40х40х3 mm
end steel thickness 10 мм
Permissible load 80 кН/м2
Average turnover no less than 300 cycles
Angle height from 0.6 to 3.5 m, in increments of 100 mm
height building possible
Angle dimensions

0,3 х 0,3 м, configurations possible

0,25 х 0,25 м,

0,35 х 0,35 м

Weight (at a height of 3 m) 190 кг
Corrosion Protection

Powder-polymer coating

Polymerization of the coating in the chamber at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius

Color RAL 3003 (Ruby red)
Compatibility with other types of formwork Production for any formwork system is possible.
Documentation Passport, certificate
Warranty 12 monts
Name. Weight кг. Price
Angle stripping shield 0.3x0.3x3.3m (profile 120) 27500
Angle stripping shield 0,3х0,3х3,3m (profile 140) 27500
Angle stripping shield 0,3х0,3х3,0m (profile 120) 25300
Angle stripping shield 0,3х0,3х3,0m (profile 140) 25300
Angle stripping shield 0,3х0,3х1,5m (profile 120) 18150
Angle stripping shield 0,3х0,3х1,5m (profile 140) 18150

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