Linear shield (M)

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Linear shields small panel formwork

Linear panels of small-panel formwork are used for the device of relatively small structures. The weight of small-panel, linear panels is not more than 50 kg., Which allows manual installation of formwork. - 100.00%

linear shields small-panel formwork

Description Picture The size Weight kg
Linear shield designed for the basic set of wall formwork Linear shield 900х300
No more than 50
Name of indicator Linear panels of small-panel formwork
Frame material Steel Ст3сп
Frame width 90 mm
Carcass thickness 5 mm
Permissible load 40 kp/m2
Load deflection no more than L/400 flight
The average turnover of the frame not less than 200 cycles
Average deck turnover not less than 60 cycles
Shield Height 0,6m; 0,9m; 1,2m; 1,5m
Shield Width from 0.3 to 1.0 m, in increments of 100 mm
Width of additional boards from 0.1 to 0.25 m in increments of 50 mm
Stiffening rib sheet hire
- Steel Ст3сп
- thickness 3 mm
Deck of Shields moisture resistant laminated plywood
- thickness 12 mm
- film density 220 g/m2
- frame mount screw/rivet
Corrosion Protection

Powder-polymer coating

Polymerization of the coating in the chamber at a temperature of 200º C

Shield Attachment Method shock locks

RAL 3003


Documentation Passport, certificate
Warranty 12 monts
Name. Weight кг. Price
Linear shield 150x1350 mm 9,7 1032
Linear shield 300х1350 mm 17,2 1602
Linear shield 450х1350 mm 23,4 2206
Linear shield 600х1350 mm 29,8 2913
Linear shield 750х1350 mm 36,2 3415
Linear shield 900х1350 мм 42,4 3738

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