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One of the formwork systems is the system of formwork floors on telescopic racks, it is used in monolithic construction ceiling formwork on telescopic racks at heights of 1.7 to 4.5 m and loads of 670 to 7000 kg, the load is distributed depending on the height of the rack. If you need to use heights and loads are more than these, then you need to consider the option of using the formwork system on & nbsp; bulk racks & nbsp; - & nbsp; this system is designed withstand higher loads and be erected above the height (up to 12m).

Buy telescopic racks.

Telescopic formwork is the most commonly used type of formwork. This is understandable, its main distinguishing feature is small dimensions and ease of assembly. Not unimportant factor is the fact that one worker is enough for the construction of these racks. The assembly design is very simple: the telescopic stand is mounted vertically, it is supported by a tripod. To hold the floor beam, a univilka is used. As a floor beam The most commonly selected I-beam is H20. To buy telescopic racks & nbsp; you can call us by phone +7 (351) 262-70-04.

Main characteristics of floor formwork on telescopic racks: telescopic stand

All the main technical characteristics of this type of formwork of floors on a straight line depends on a number of parameters, such as: required overlap height, thickness of the poured layer. To The maximum load that one telescopic can withstand the stand is 6,991 kg. This is enough to fill the standard floor in a monolithic residential building

Corner element

The corner element is designed to form an external angle of 90 degrees. A corner element has a price well below the price of a corner shield and It has a fairly simple design. In fastening an angular element to linear shields, as a rule, three locks are used on each side designs, if the total height of the formwork is not more than three meters. At a height of more than three meters, more locks are used, locks for fastening can be both wedge and rack.

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