Wooden beam for formwork BDK-1

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Beams for formwork floors

Beams of almost all manufacturers are endowed with the traditional yellow color, wood moisture can vary between 9-13%, density 450-680 kilograms per cubic meter. At the same time, the linear weight of domestic beams (6 kg / pm) is slightly higher than European (5-5.5 kg / pm).

The most popular version of an I-beam is 200x80 mm. Also often used are designs with a shelf width of 40, 64 mm, thickness racks 24, 27 mm. When manufacturing a stand from glued beam, its thickness does not exceed 10 mm.

The benefits of I-beams made of wood
The popularity of using these products in construction is due to a number of serious advantages of I-beams:

High load-bearing capacity of the element, allowing you to create formwork for floors of a large area;
profitability — low cost of the beam and the ability to reduce the amount of other materials. So, I-beam wooden beams reduce the total weight of the supporting structure and abandon many mounting and supporting parts of the formwork;
the ability to avoid such phenomena as cracking, shrinkage, deformation, cracking;
splicing of beams is possible by filing the lock and using ordinary bolts;
preservation of the original geometry — beams do not bend even with sudden changes in humidity;
environmental friendliness & mdash; everyone knows that there is no more environmentally friendly building material than wood;
resistance to external influences: precipitation, moisture, parasites, etc .;
lightness of elements, simplification of the process of lifting and mounting the structure. These factors significantly accelerate the process, increasing profitability of the construction of the building;
durability. Provided the product is of high quality, its service life is measured for decades.
Where else is a wooden I-beam used
Another indisputable advantage of wooden beams with an I-section is versatility. In addition to creating formwork they can be used in the arrangement:

Wall . High strength characteristics of the structure allows it to successfully participate in the process of erecting wall ceilings. The variety and wide size range of beams allows you to choose the best option for any panel;
Floors . The use of wooden I-beams ensures minimal deflection along the entire plane of the product, which as a result provides noiseless sex (lack of creaking, cod, etc.). The beam characteristics guarantee lag extra rigidity;
Ceiling . Here, I-beams act as elements of the rafter system when arranging the roof. Minimal deformation This building material guarantees the reliability and durability of the structure.

Beam for formwork floors Wooden beam for formwork of floors, a supporting element of rectangular cross section, located horizontally. It is a glued structure of wood and moisture resistant plywood protected by antiseptic treatment.

Конструкция балки

On a cross-section, a wooden I-beam for formwork floors resembles the letter «H» laid on its side. This shape provides the beam with greater strength, than products with a square cross section.
Depending on the tasks, a wooden I-beam for formwork can have a different section. The most popular is a product with a cross section of 200x80mm.

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