Cable for heating concrete

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The wire for heating concrete PNSV (or PTPZh) prior to concreting is wound without tension on metal frames or laid between them in monolithic designs in the form of a "snail", or "comb". Moreover, the wires should not be in contact with the formwork, protrude from the concrete and must be in the body concrete, otherwise it will burn. The cable for heating concrete is laid after installing reinforcing frames, embedded elements and the completion of welding work. After filling with concrete, an electric current is passed through the heating wire, which ensures heating of the concrete in a monolithic structure due to the allocation heat wire.
Concrete heating in winter should be carried out at a high current in the heating elements. For work safety and voltage reduction special transformer substations are used: KTPTO or TSDZ. The electric current is supplied to the transformer substation by a power cable.

Duration of heating should be carried out in the range of operation at ambient temperature from -60 to +50 (° C) until concrete set at least 50% strength.
Concrete heating with a PNSV wire must be carried out in accordance with safety requirements for concrete and concrete works, and also electrical safety. Why installation of the wire for preheating concrete PNSV should be carried out at an ambient temperature of at least -15 ° C considering the minimum bending radius of the wire equal to 25 mm.

You can buy a cable for heating concrete (PNSV, PTPZh, APV wire), and also get advice on their technical features, by calling: +7 (351) 777-30-97 or by sending a completed order form from the site. If necessary, we can quickly arrange delivery to your facility
The price of a wire for warming up concrete in the winter time of PNSV and PTPZh cable in Absolut-Story always remains consistently low, although it depends on volume of material procurement. The price of the reclosure cable is more expensive compared to the cost of the PNSV and PTPZh wires, due to the use of a more expensive alloy aluminum in its manufacture.

The purchase of heating wires for concrete in Absolut-Stroy is:

  • purchase of high quality products, time-tested;
  • getting professional advice from highly qualified specialists;
  • individual pricing conditions based on a complex price-quality-time-service relationship.

Absolut-Stroy sells and supplies cable conductor products for heating concrete to all regions of the Russian Federation on one of the best conditions in the ratio of price-quality-time-service and ensures that the products supplied by the company meet all the necessary technical requirements and quality shown by our customers.

Key Features:

  • base - steel
  • insulation - PVC
  • core diameter - 1.2 mm
  • core resistance - 1 MΩ per 1000 m
  • packing, bay - 1000 m
  • weight of the bay - 18 kg
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