KG cable 3x16 + 1x6

Price from - 390.00

- Copper conductors with conductive properties. The cable has several cores for their various use. Full compliance with GOST 22483-2012.
- The insulation layer is made of nyrite.
- It is possible to use a synthetic layer to prevent sticking of the cable insulation.


The cable has increased flexibility, which makes it possible to attach it to a large number of special-purpose mechanisms. Operating voltage is 700 / 1000V. The alternating voltage is 660V at a current frequency of up to 400Hz.

Cables can withstand prolonged exposure to high humidity. There is resistance to various oxidizing and solvent substances. Long life, which is possible through mandatory certification.

Cables of the KG brand for 660 V are designed for connecting mobile mechanisms to electric networks with an alternating voltage of 660 V with a frequency of up to 400 Hz or a constant voltage of 1000 V, with bends with a radius of at least 8 cable diameters at an acceptable temperature for heating conductive conductors up to 75 C. For cables in a tropical version, the letter T is added to the cable mark through a hyphen. For cables in a cold-resistant version, add to the cable mark hyphenated letters HL. KG brand cables for 380 V are designed to connect portable and mobile power receivers to power networks on rated alternating voltage 380 V, rated frequency up to 400 Hz or direct voltage 660 V. Cables are not intended for use on lifting and handling equipment.

  • Product type Cable Brand ___ KG
  • Number of cores ___ 3
  • Cross section, mm² ___ 16
  • Voltage, V ___ 380
  • Sheath material ___ Rubber hose
  • Insulation material ___ Insulating rubber
  • Operating temperature range ___ from -40 to +50
  • Screen Availability ___ No
  • Core material ___ Copper
  • Core design ___ Stranded
  • Vein shape ___ Round
  • Protective cover ___No
  • Cross-section of PEN cores, mm² ___ 6
  • Number of PEN cores ___ 1
  • Diameter, mm ___ 21.2
  • Weight, kg ___ 912
  • Normative document ___ GOST 24334-80, TU 16.K73.077-2006
  • Rated current, And ___ 75
  • Mounting temperature ___ not lower than -15С
  • Minimum bending radius ___ 8 outside diameters
  • Scope ___ For non-stationary laying
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