Lift Shafts

Stripping angle

Угол снятияThe angle stripping analog "GAMMA" is used for concreting elevator shafts. Allows to carry out formwork without disassembling the inner core of the elevator formwork. Stripping angles are used for monolithic elevator shafts, the main difference from the usual angle shield is a change in the length of the side walls.

Stripping steps:

1 этап
2 этап
3 этап
4 этап
5 этап

АссыThe supporting platform is used for concreting the walls of shafts and ceilings above the shafts of elevators, and serves as a support for formwork assembly. It is installed and moved from floor to floor with a crane. The design is designed in such a way that the fixation of the site at the level of overlap occurs automatically. The use of the reference platform allows to reduce time and labor costs when conducting work on the installation and dismantling of formwork. The supporting platform is assembled from supporting beams and wooden flooring. The design of the support beams allows you to adjust the size of the site in 1 cm increments. The dimensions of the site are 10 cm smaller than the dimensions of the shaft. Supporting beams are recommended to be placed along walls in which there are doorways (to eliminate possible difficulties with the installation of niches for supports).

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