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It’s hard for us to imagine today's society without modern monolithic skyscrapers that meet all the needs for comfort and durability housing. An important role in the construction of these structures is played by the material and the correctly selected technology for pouring floors, Absolut-Stroy LLC offers two types of support erection technology - Formwork of ceilings on telescopic racks and formwork of ceilings on volumetric racks. The first, the most common in monolithic housing construction, allows you to form supports not complicated configurations: rectangular, square and even round shapes. All of these configurations can be assembled using the basic configuration, not buying additional items. The second type of formwork allows you to form more complex, often industrial structures (bridges, mines), It is for this that they use the formwork of floors on volumetric racks.

Thanks to modern technologies and outstanding engineering developments over 50 years, it became possible quickly, without loss of rigidity and structural reliability to erect supporting structures that meet all modern standards and specifications.

Telescopic floor formwork

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