Rent of a station of warming up of KTMTO-80 concrete

Rent: - 900 /Day

Price: - 55 000


General information

Transformers ТМТО-80/0,38-У1 designed for heating concrete and soil in the winter, power tools and temporary lighting. The TMTO-80 transformer is rarely used independently; it is most expedient to use it as part of the KTPTO-80 substation, which also includes a control unit. These transformers can also be used for other purposes where the voltages given in the table of characteristics in the photo are required.

Minimum rental period is 10 days.
The cost of renting a transformer is from 900 rubles per day.
Security deposit - 30000 rubles.
Significant cost reduction when renting formwork!
In case of failure - free replacement within 24 hours.

Cable for connecting KTPTO-80 (TMO-80):

  • Cable for connecting the solid fuel to the power source - KG 3x16 + 1x6
  • Connecting cable - KG 1x50
  • Connecting wire - reclosure 1x4
  • Heating wire (flow rate 60 m.p. / m3) - PNSV 1х1,2

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