Scaffolding or Tower tours?

scaffolding scaffolding - it is a structure that is installed for construction or repair work and covers large areas or to carry out the same work at high altitude scaffolding installed mainly on the construction of large facilities or carrying out restoration work to repair the facade of the building. For these works, there are many varieties of scaffolding, which we will talk about later. Forests are more stable than towers tour, since they can be attached to walls and their roughness is not affected by surface roughness, on which they are installed.





The tower - round is a mobile construction of a tower type. Tower tours have several advantages over forests construction. The tower - the tour is easy to assemble, does not take up much space, allows you to work at a height of up to 22 meters, easily moves into assembled towers - tours can be used for work both outside buildings and indoors,for ventilation installation , convenient for works on Tower tours warehouses with high shelving, for maintenance of advertising constructions, electrical service, for installation, maintenance of lighting, in film industry, in the aircraft industry, in shipbuilding, car building.

Today, aluminum towers are especially popular - tours. Aluminum Towers - Tours made from aluminum alloys, light, sections are firmly fixed on the base, one person can assemble such a tower. Indoors in a limited space towers - tours have an undeniable advantage over scaffolding and significantly facilitate and accelerate production works. In terms of versatility, towers - tours outperform scaffolding.




The main advantages of towers - tour: - 100.00%