Stepladder 9 steps

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Ladder, aluminum 9 steps

Ladder, aluminum

Aluminum stepladders have recently been in high demand. This is due to their excellent qualities. These stepladders are lightweight and easy to operate. At the same time, the great advantage of such step-ladders over others types of stairs is that, despite their lightness and elegance, they are durable and reliable.

The aluminum profiles of which they are made are double-walled, which ensures their special rigidity. And for all its strength, aluminum ladders are twice as light as steel.

Aluminum ladders have different heights, which depends on the number of steps. Stepladders used in everyday life, usually have a height of 70-100 cm. (distance between steps 20-25 cm). But no matter how tall the aluminum ladders are, they weigh very light more than 7 kg.


  • Number of steps - 9
  • Height to platform cm. - 187
  • Height cm. - 267
  • Width cm. - 56
  • Weight in kg. - 7.5
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