Staircase (LSD-U)

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Any professional electrician must comply with safety regulations when working with electricity. Any repairs to the power grid involve a risk get an electric shock. For protection, dielectric stairs made of fiberglass were developed. Fiberglass Dielectric Stairs meet a number of requirements. They are light in comparison with wooden stairs, the material of which the stairs are made is dielectric, i.e. provides protection against electric shock. Fiberglass is a durable material. It is based on fiberglass impregnated with various synthetic resins, pressed under pressure and temperature. Thanks to the properties of fiberglass, ladders from it have become one of the professional attributes of a highly qualified electrician.

This is a multi-functional staircase that can replace you with 3 stairs! You can use it as an ordinary ladder, as a stepladder (only without a platform) and the third use case - as a sliding staircase. Staircase equipped with a height limiter, it sets the most necessary safe length. Two types of stairs: & nbsp; LSD-U 2x9 and LSD-U 2x11 are additionally equipped with a wide traverse, located across the stairs, for greater stability. These stairs are very compact, take up minimal space when storage and transport when folded.

  • Max. Height from 3.8 to 7.16 & nbsp; m.
  • Min. Height from 1.89 to 3.95 m.
  • Number of steps from 8 to 20
  • Width 0.44 m.
  • The width of the base is 0.5 m.
  • Fiberglass Material
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