Step-ladder (CCC)

Price from - 7420

The most common, simple and convenient type of fiberglass ladders. No frills, easy installation and assembly. The main difference from the 2 and 3 section version is that there is an upper platform, which is convenient to work on. This stepladder is the least expensive in the line of fiberglass ladders presented. There are also metal connections made of stainless steel or galvanized iron, which guarantees a long service life of the product. On the site there is an anti-sliding surface. Step-ladders are produced in 9 types, from the smallest height of 0.7 meters, which can easily fit in the trunk of a car, up to the highest 3 meters, for the transportation of which you will need a truck or trailer.

  • Height from 0.7 to 3.0 m.
  • Number of steps from 2 to 9
  • Width 0.36 m.
  • Width of the base 0.36 - 0.77 m.
  • Fiberglass Material
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