4mm spring clip

Price from - 110

Reinforced formwork spring clip

  • Size 70 * 105 mm
  • Platform thickness 3.2 mm
  • Maximum load, 3500 kg
  • The thickness of the tongue is 6.1mm
  • Weight 0.4kg

The main difference from the standard HOLD clamp is the presence of a reinforcing scarf. Designed for installation on fittings with a diameter of 6-10 mm. and secured with a specialized key. It is used with both large-panel formwork and laminated plywood for pouring walls, columns, foundations. Packed in boxes of 50 pcs., 100 boxes per pallet, a total of 5000 pcs. on a pallet.

The spring clamp has a number of advantages:

  • saves time, less time is spent installing a clamp compared to a regular nut and tie.
  • you don’t need to use a PVC tube, therefore there will be no hole from this tube, which needed to be worked out after removing the formwork, after using the spring clip, the reinforcement remains in the concrete layer, the excess is simply cut off.
  • the cost of one clamp is around 70 rubles, and the cost of a standard set of coupler, two nuts and a PVC pipe will be around 200 rubles.
  • no need to look for non-standard screed sizes, reinforcement of any length is always at the construction site
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