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The main elements of pin scaffolding:

Pin scaffolding, like all types of scaffolding, is used for various construction, decoration, installation, repair and restoration works on the facades of buildings. This type of forest is reliable and easy to use. The main difference between the pin forests is the maximum among all types of scaffolds, the normative load, capable of reaching 250 kg / m, which makes this type of scaffold indispensable when performing masonry and finishing work. And the strength and stability of the structure provide a high level of safety when performing work.

Pin scaffolding is a rigid structure consisting of various elements - posts, crossbars, ties, shoes, anchor plugs. Elements are connected using hooks and nozzles, without using bolted connections. This increases the reliability of forests and simplifies their operation - pin forests are easy to assemble and disassemble. After all the elements are fastened together in a strong and stable frame-tiered system, the whole structure fastens to a wall by means of metal traffic jams. To protect against atmospheric electrical discharges, the pin scaffolds are equipped with grounding.


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