Scaffolding pin E 507

Pin woods Э507E 507 pin scaffolds are used in masonry and repair finishing works. Operation of scaffolding E 507 is possibleinside and outside buildings, at a height of up to 60 m (masonry - 40 m.). Elements of pin scaffolding E 507 are made of metal pipes 57 mm indiameter and wall thickness of 3.5 mm. Compliance with these conditions is necessary for greater strength and sustainability of forests. Whipwood E 507 characterized by a high level of security, also a distinctive feature is the increased regulatory load, which allows the use of pinmasonry scaffolding at maximum heights.

Э507 pin forests are resistant to any weather events, which is important when used in the Ural climate.

Modern scaffoldings are equipped with a collapsible design and are easily installed in a short time at new facilities, which significantly reduces the time and terms of work

Technical characteristics of pin forests Э-507ГОСТ 27321-87

Parameters Values
Maximum forest height, m 60
Step of a tier in height, m 2
The step of the racks along the wall, m 2
The width of the tier (passage) between the racks, m 1,6
Standard load, kg / m2 250

Scaffold completeness

Name Designation Overall dimensions, mm. Unit weight, kg.
Rack Л-1 4000 22,69
Rack Л-2 2000 11,92
Crossbar Л-6 1900 9,91
Crossbar Л-9 1500 6,88
Binding Л-5 2400 10,26
Shoe Л-4 - 4,3
Stairs Л-17 2200 17,77

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