Scaffolding pin LSPSh-2000-40

Pin scaffolding series LSPSh-2000-40 The pin scaffolds of the LSPSh-2000-40 series are ideal for finishing work on building facades, which are up to 40 meters high. Simple manufacturing, quick assembly and disassembly, stability and reliability - The main advantages of scaffolding. This type of construction equipment allows you to easily adjust the frame diagram, depending on the type, size and shape of the building. The pin scaffold frame is made of durable material and is able to withstand high workloads. The design of the pin scaffolding contains racks, crossbars, ties, shoes, anchor plugs and other binding elements. All parts are firmly fastened together, forming a stable frame-tiered system, which in turn is attached to the wall of the building using metal plugs. To protect against atmospheric electrical discharges, forests are equipped grounding.

LSPSh-2000-40 scaffoldings are designed for decoration, repair, restoration, installation works on the facades of buildings and indoors, up to 40 m high.

Technical characteristics of pin scaffolding LSPSh-2000-40

Options Values ​​
Maximum forest height, m 40
Step of a tier in height, m 2
The step of the racks along the wall, m 2,5
The width of the tier (passage) between the racks, m 1,6
Standard load, kg / m2 200

Scaffold completeness

Name Designation Overall dimensions, mm. Unit weight, kg.
Rack Л-1 4200 17,90
Rack Л-2 2200 9,50
Girth rail Л-6 2430 10,20
Girth rail Л-9 1520 7,00
Binding Л-5 2400 12,6
Shoe Л-4 - 1,15
Stairs Л-17 2200 12,08

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