Formwork rental

Rental of wall and floor formwork

         It is hard to imagine modern monolithic construction without high-quality steel formwork of walls, steel formwork of columns and formwork of ceilings. To date, the cost of a new set of formwork is quite high and not all developers can afford the purchase of a new formwork for a building under construction. The Absolute-Stroy LLC company offers construction organizations and contractors the formwork rental service on favorable terms. Our experts will competently select a set of formwork for pouring walls, pouring columns, ceilings./p>

Rental of wall formwork and components

Name Units Measurements Rental price per day
Linear shield (Steel) м.кв. 20
Two-level strut 3 meters pieces. 15
Scaffold bracket pieces. 6
Screed assembly (1 screed and 2 nuts) pieces. 3
Wedge lock pieces. 3
Замок реечный БФД pieces. 5
Mounting Cap pieces. 70



Floor formwork rental

Name Units Measurements Rental price per day, rub.
Telescopic stand 3.1 m. pieces. 5
Telescopic stand 3.7 m. pieces. 6
Telescopic stand 4.2 m. pieces. 8
Telescopic stand 4.5 m. pieces. 9
Tripod pieces. 2,5
Universal fork pieces. 1,5
Wooden beam БДК-1 running meters 2
Laminated plywood 2440х1220х18 sheet 25


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