Rent of the front elevator ZLP-630

Facade Lift ZLP-630

General information

We offer the ZLP-630 elevator (cradle). These lifts are used to lift both people and materials, and tools, for various works on facades. Lifting heights of up to one hundred meters make it possible to use the cradle on high-rise buildings. The extension of the console is 1.7 meters. The lift can be installed on any roof. The weight of the counterweight is 25 kg., Which allows one person to work with the lift. Lifting capacity 200 kg - 800 kg. Thanks to the design, the ZLP hoists have a wide range of applications.

Rental change: - 900

Rental Month: - 25 000

Model ZLP 630
Carrying capacity 630
Voltage, V 380
Lifting speed, m/min 9-11
Overall dimensions, mm 6000 (2000х3) х 690 х 1180
Power el. engine / frequency 2x1,5 / 50
Engine RPM 1420
Brake force, Нм 15
Limit tilt angles 3-8°
Distance between two cables mm 100
Normal distance from front support mm 1100-1700
Diameter of hoisting rope mm. 8,3
Platform type solitary
Platform length mm. 6250
Platform width mm. 700
Platform height mm. 1443
Number of sections 3
Platform weight (steel) kg 280
Suspension weight kg 2 x 175
Counterweight kg 1000
Diameter of steel cable mm 8,3
Maximum working height m 100
Total weight kg. 1840

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