Facade Shelter Net

Price: - 13 / sq.m.

Grid Facade 35gr/sq.m.

Always in stock mesh for sheltering facades, density 35 g, size 4х100м. (400 sq.m.).

The grid facade Chelyabinsk protective from the Absolute-Stroy company allows you to prevent unwanted falling of tools, consumables, construction debris from the place of facing work. You can buy a facade mesh in Chelyabinsk, contact our managers, they will always be able to professionally inform you about the availability and price of a facade mesh in Chelyabinsk. In some cases, it protects forests from heavy atmospheric precipitation. In addition to protective functions, the facade mesh gives a more solid appearance. The facade mesh Chelyabinsk consists of high-strength tape polyethylene with nodular weaving, made in the shape of a triangle. The front mesh is sealed at the edges.

  • Grid 4х25м. (density 35 gr.)
  • Grid 3х100м. (density 35 gr.)
  • Grid 4х100м. (density 35 gr.)
  • Grid 3х50м. (density 35 gr.)

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