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clamp forests clamp forests price 350Р/sq.m.

Universal scaffolding LSPKh-60 are tubular, rack-mount, clamp, scaffolding designed for decoration and repair works on the facades of buildings up to 60 m high, as well as for masonry walls of buildings up to 20 m high, the scaffolding is made in accordance from ГОСТ 27321-87. Consist of such elements as: Stand 4m., Stand 2m., Connection 5.3m., Connection 3.7m., Cross, Ladder, Clamp not swivel, Swivel clamp, Anchor bracket, Guard 5.3 m., Guard 3.7 m., Guard rail, Support heels.


  For finishing work For masonry
The maximum height of the forests, (meter) 60 20
The height of the working tier, m 2 2
The step of the racks along the wall, m 1,5 2,0 2,5 3,0 1,5
Permissible maximum working load (kg/m.sq.) 300 260 230 200 250
Tier (passage) width (m) 1,5 1,5








We will calculate complex structures

We will make the calculation of complex designs of clamp forests specifically for your project. Deadlines are negotiated individually. When calculating, all the nuances of the design are taken into account in accordance with safety measures.

The drawing of the arrangement of clamp forests LSPKh-60 around the chimney pipe, height 20 meters
The drawing of the arrangement of clamp forests LSPKh-60 around the chimney pipe, height 20 meters

Device and principle of operation:

clamp forests

Clamp scaffolding - an assembly option for finishing work (Fig. 1) is a structure assembled from the following elements: fixed clamps 1A), rotary clamps 1B), flooring shields 3, vertical posts 4, 5, supporting heels (screw supports) 6, ties 7, ties 8, stairs 9, crossbars 10, end fences 11.
The bottom row of racks rests on supporting heels or screw supports, mounted in pairs on wooden linings. The racks are 2 and 4 meters high.
In order to increase the sustainability of forests, the joints of the racks should be at different levels, within the first and most the upper tier two-meter and four-meter racks alternate. In the intermediate tiers, forests only grow four-meter racks.
The racks connect with ties and crossbars using clamps.
Cross-links of 3.7 m are connected with anchor fasteners mounted in the facade of the building under repair.
Forest links are 3.7 and 5.3 in length. The links alternate in the first and last flights, so that the joints do not coincide in one flight.
Flooring on the tiers of forests is assembled from wooden shields made of coniferous wood. Flooring panels are connected.
During finishing works, the number of tiers of flooring may correspond to the number of tiers of the structure, provided that the total the load on all tiers should not exceed permissible according to the technical conditions.
Ascent of people to the forests is carried out by stairs. The upper end of the hooked ladders is hung on the crossbars, and the lower one rests on the flooring. Stairs can be equipped with handrails..

The rigidity of the clamp forests in the plan is ensured by the installation of diagonal connections of 5.3 m, connected to the uprights by rotary clamps. 5.3 m links are established in four extreme spans of forests.

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To protect against atmospheric electrical discharges, the forests must be equipped with grounding connected to the rack with clamps.
The option of scaffolding for masonry is assembled from scaffolding elements for decoration. The main difference is that the flooring is assembled only on three tiers of 40 mm thick masonry panels. The step of vertical posts along the facade is 1.5 m. The scaffolding for masonry to the wall is fastened using anchors laid in the wall during masonry.

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