Frame scaffolding

LLC "Absolute-Stroy" implements two types of frame scaffolding, characterized by the height, pipe diameter and wall thickness:
LSPR-200 (LRSP-40) - are erected to a height of up to 40 meters
LSPR-2000-60 (LR-60) - erected to a height of up to 60 meters

LSPR-200 (LRSP-40) LSPR-2000-60 (LR-60)
Maximum height of the forests, (meter) 40 60
Tier step, m 2 2
Step frames along the wall, m 3 3
The width of the tier (passage), m 1 1
The number of tiers of decks, pcs. 2 (work and safety) up to 40m on each tier
Standard surface load, kgf / m2 200 200

The cost of frame scaffold elements:

Name Weight, kg. Price, rub.
Frame with ladder 13,2 720
Frame without ladder 10,4 665
Diagonal link 5,9 380
Horizontal connection 2,8 190
Support heel 0,6 70
Bracket 0,4 100
Flooring 1m * 1m 5 290
Crossbar flooring 8,5 585

Монтаж и демонтаж лесов.

1st Stage
for scaffolding, you need to choose a flat surface area and lay wooden gaskets on it and install support heels, if the height differences are significant, then screw supports are recommended. The surfaces on which the scaffolding will be installed must be strictly in the same plane.

2nd Stage
In the supporting heels, it is necessary to install the frames parallel to each other, while their bases should be in the same plane. Next you need to fasten together standing frames using horizontal and diagonal communication. These actions need to be repeated and the forests should be expanded to the required length. Then the procedure is repeated until necessary height of forests.

3rd Stage
For the installation of building flooring, 3m crossbars should be used, which consists of a profile pipe and is fixed on top of the frames with hooks.

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