Chomut Forest Accessories

Clamps for building scaffolds in Chelyabinsk.

The company Absolut-Stroy LLC offers you to purchase clamps for scaffolding at a bargain price in Chelyabinsk.

The price of construction clamps depends on the method of their production, cast or stamped, on the type of clamps, blind or rotary, on the volume of the order. You can always get more detailed information from the managers of Absolut-Stroy LLC at the numbers indicated on our website.

Code required to buy clamps for scaffolding.

It is necessary to buy collars if:

We offer to buy construction collars deaf (not rotary), and rotary. Non-rotating are used to attach scaffolding at an angle of 90 degrees. Such a connection provides sufficient strength of the entire structure of the clamp scaffolding with a simple installation and minimal costs for the purchase of connecting elements.

Swivel clamps are used to connect diagonal ties, which betrays increased strength and rigidity of the entire construction of scaffolding. Also swivel clamps are used to adjust the angle of the working area. Such clamps are widely used in the installation of clamp scaffolding at objects with complex architecture.

The products have standardized sizes, which allows them to be used on all types of racks, diagonal ties and other structural elements of scaffolding.

When ordering construction clamps for scaffolding in our company, you get: